The first season of Wildix Club began on the 10th of December 2012 and ended on the 15th of February 2013.


  1. Magic Winx


  1. The Clix Witches


A young Fairy named Lena from Linphea begins her first year at Alfea Collage for Fairies. Before she left for the School, she found out that the people she thought were her parents, weren't really her parents. After meeting another fairy named Raina, who also turned out to be her roommate,Lena revealed her story to the girl who then came up with the idea to start the Wildix Club. Soon after their fellow roommates Shyla and Elena joined the club. Delia, the princess of Sonaria would arrive a week later and join the club also.

They later encounter the Specialists,Raina's twin brother Mason, Leo, Jason and Logan. They befriend the boys who also become their love interests (Minus Delia, as hers appears in Season 2). The Season revolves around these five girls and their enemy The Clix. The Clix are a group of witches from Cloud Tower who have become disgusted with the growing friendship between the Fairies and Witches. The leader Mandy discovers an ancient spell that can revive a Dark Beast and she plans to use it to attack Alfea and frame the Witches of Cloud Tower. However the Wildix Fairies are all that's standing in their way. Lena also experiences strange dreams where the same woman keeps appearing and she struggles to make sense of them throughout the season.

Episode/Chapter ListEdit

  1. A Wild Beginning
  2. Princess Delia
  3. The Wildix Club
  4. Wildix Vs The Clix
  5. Revenge Mission
  6. A day at Red fountain
  7. The Disappointment
  8. The Clix Attack
  9. Battle for Alfea
  10. Strength of a Princess
  11. The Spirit of the Forest
  12. The End of Battle
  13. I am the Forest