Age 18
Birthday July 29th
Origin Linphea [1]
Species Fairy
Powers and Abilities Forest Based Magic
and Spells
Animal Control
Animal Empathy
Plant Manipulation
Wood Control
Ecological Empathy
Spirit of The Forests
Affiliation(s) Wildix Club, Alfea, Specialists
Relationships Biological Parents (Parents)
Diana and Harvey (Adoptive Parents)
Mason (Boyfriend)
First Appearance A Wild Beginning

Lena Is the Guardian Fairy of the Forests. She is a member of the Wildix Club and it's leader. She was the first member to be introduced as the main story reveloves around her. She currently attends Alfea College and is in her thrid year. The rest of the team relies solely on her leadership and wisdom. She is also the Current host of the Powerful Magical Entiity known as The Spirit of the Forests.



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